Breeding Tree Frogs

Breeding Tree Frogs

The first thing to understand is that mating is just as complex in the tree frogs world as it is our own. You can not force the tree frogs to breed. Perhaps the setting has to be just right but it is as mysterious as you could imagine it to be.

Though females spawn in the summer, tree frogs can breed all year around.

You can however, create conditions in which it is more likely they will breed. Make sure you are certain that you have a male and female frog because it can be difficult to determine the difference.

Some females will have a triangle pattern between their rear legs. Determine this at the time you are purchasing your tree frog. Learn as much as you can about the proper environment in which they will be living.

Make yourself a pro on this.

If you are looking to breed your tree frog then their environment must seem like spring to them. You control this environment and you should make it appealing to the tree frog. You may have to actually put your tree frogs in to hibernation and then awaken them slowly to a spring environement slowly as this will mimic what actually does happen in their environment and it will make it more appealing for them to breed.

You may even go as far as mimicking a dry season and then a wet season to show that spring has arrived.  This change in climate may single them to breed. Find out about the tree frogs environment before you got him and what to expect. They will need plants in which to hibernate either under or on. You should have a god sized terrarium (recommended size is 25 gallon!!) with a lot of plants and hollow branches. There are two choices in tanks for the Tree Frog; the arboreal tank, or the terrestrial tank.

The arboreal tank is the best choice because tree frogs spend most of their time high in the branches in their tank. The arboreal tank is normally two feet high; hexagon or pentagon shaped, and has a small base area. The terrestrial tank, however, is much shorter, and has a large base area.

Know the frog and what it is expecting per it’s specie’s. Always have a water supply to the frog even when you are simulating a dry spell to induce breeding. NEVER use cedar or pine shavings, gravel, or sand in your tank. The frogs can accidentally swallow some of these items and die.

Females will squawk in complaint while you are handling her or another frog sits on her. Exercise great caution when handling this small creatures. It is a miracle they even survived the long journey to where you are.

When they are mating the male frog will climb on top of the female frog and fertilize her eggs. While she is laying them.

The mother and the father will eat the eggs and most certainly the young. Remove them from the aquarium immediately after the eggs have been fertilized. be careful to move them into an environment just like the one they left as too much change can cause your tree frog to go into shock.

The eggs will hatch as tadpoles in just 6 - 21 days depending on your type of tree frog. It is interesting to note that evidence is shown that playing a looped recording of a male tree frog croaking, the female is more likely to be triggered to breed.

Again, these are highly sensitive animals and care should be given in every regard.

Hope your tree frog care goes well

Andrew Williums

Tree frog enthusiast

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